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Barbara Doak In Ashford, Harford And Machester In CT

The truth of what is essential to know, you are whole just as you are, and you do not need to be, fixed. You may have been through unforgettable experiences that created the belief you are not good enough or that you are less than enough. All of these untruthful messages get internalized and often become the story of your inner critic. This builds an even stronger falsehood. What is wrong with me? This health crisis can stir up past trauma or create new trauma. Therapy will expand your capacity to cope and ignite your sense of hope. Hope has the power to build resilience and support mental health even in difficult times.

As a Clinician, I love collaborating with people from all walks of life. I will respect your journey and offer a non-judgemental attitude. Allow me the opportunity to earn your trust. I offer a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches including EMDR, CBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy that are effective and holistic.

I believe all people can be resilient when coping with uncertainty. Cultivating self-acceptance will enable you to find the courage within yourself to guide you through your deepest fears. Adapting to change is easier when you have someone to walk alongside you and help guide you on your journey.

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